Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011; Week 32

     As always, this week was good and i learned a lot. first i am going to answer your questions.  i got a letter from Beth and she told me she will be getting her big discount soon.  since i have to have winter stuff this is what i need.  a couple scarfs and hats (beanies) and long johns (just the bottoms)  i have that jacket that we bought before i left and those sweaters you sent me are super good.  i will buy gloves here so that i can pick some out that will be good for here and missionary work.  i dont believe i need anything else. just tell her to pick some stuff out that will make me look super fresh but will also make people know I'm a missionary :)   thank you.  and the package you sent me was a really good one. the bread was sooooo good.  everything was good. i loved the pictures, except they made me feel bad because now I'm just fat and not as good looking as i was way back then.  haha so i went running this morning and my legs hurt super bad.  but i feel good.  so for the package you want to send me. just send it to the mission office because transfers are next week and I'm pretty sure I'm being transfered. so you can just wait a little longer to send it and send it there and ill pick it up at transfer meeting.  thank you.
     So there is this kid that i baptised a while ago and he is 9. but he has the most sincere prayers I've ever heard in my life. actually it rebukes me everytime i hear him because i know my prayers need to be like that.  well his dad is in mexico and his mom is here and she is getting married to one of our investigators that shes been living with so that he can be baptised and she told us that he was having such a hard time with it and that he would always tell her that she cant marry him and stuff like that so she asked us to talk about it with him so we did and then we had him pray about it and ask god if everything is going to be ok so he did.  the most amazing prayer i have ever heard in my entire life. well after the prayer he was super happy and he told us that god told him that everything is going to be ok and that his dad in mexico will still always be his dad.  it was just such an amazing experience and strengthened my testimony on prayer.  God is so aware and listens to everything. I LOVE IT!!!!!
      So do you know how I've been telling people that I'm mexican? well now everyone is just giving me super hot food.  this one family made a salsa made from habaneros which was super hot.  there were a few people who couldnt even eat it but i took it like a man and represented for my family.  and then this other family made a hot sause that was so hot that i started crying but i still ate it like a man....well a crying man.  so i was building up my street cred with eating this super hot stuff and people were acknoweldging me as a 1/4 mexican.  but then when i couldnt eat that stomach that i told you about last week it brought me back down to regular old white man status.  so i was super sad about that.  i have a long road ahead of me to bring myself back up to where i was before. 
    Do you all even like my stories? because you dont ever comment on them so i dont know if you just think they are lame and not worth talking about them or what.  if you dont like them ill try and think of better ones. I'm trying to keep the super cool ones till after my mission so that people still wanna talk to me about my mission haha.
    Yesterday in church the 6 missionaries sang a song in sacrament.  we did super super good. even mixed it up a little to allow the spirit to really be there.  the spirit was so strong and almost everyone was crying.  well just the ones who arent hardened criminals were crying. so about half :) but we did really good and the spirit was really strong...       this week has been super super cold and i was just super torqued at my comp because he wont ride bikes when its really cold so we walked everywhere and just wasted so much time doing that. we missed a lot of citas and i just feel like we didnt hardly get anything done.  but oh well i guess. this week we should have better weather.  and this week will go by super fast i think.  lots of good things are happening here. thank you for your prayers on my behalf and my investigators. it really does help so much. I'm glad all is well with the fam.  oh, the pictures turned out so good. my favorite one is the one with the whole family just hugging each other.  i love my family super a lot.  i know that the book of mormon is true and that it was written for us in this day so that we can become better and be prepared to live with god again.  i know that Christ is our savior and that him and god really appeared to Joseph Smith. I'm thankful for this gospel and I'm grateful that we have an eternal family.

Elder Hardman

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