Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011; Week 2

MTC-Provo, UT

Hi Momma,

This last week i have been thinking about the family a lot!!! A LOT more then i should be. I am just worried. Mostly about jess and kade and dad and bryn... then sitting in the temple this morning i just had an overwhelming feeling that everything in the family will be fine and I just need to do work. Then when I recieved your emails about how well everyone seems to be doing I just started crying because i was so happy. Now everyone in my zone thinks I'm a big baby. I'll have to fight them all later to regain my manish off put. I love the food at the temple almost as much as i love the temple. This morning I was just so frustrated at my comp because he is immature and so slow and i have to wait for him on everything. So i wasnt going into the temple in the right spirit which is not good. But i just love it because no matter how aweful I'm feeling before I end up coming out just as happy as can be.... a general authority talked to us yesterday. One of the 70's. Elder Dunn. He was a very dullllllll speaker but some of the things he said really helped me. Live outside your self and love. I got from that meaning, that I need to completly forget myself and love everyone. Second, take people as they are and love them and then they can do what they will with their life. I really am having a hard time loving my comp completly but now i know that i need to love him for who he is just like so many others have loved me for who I am.
    The language.... welll its coming a long haha its so hard. Not like Russian or Mongolian or Chinese or something but conjagating is the worst thing on the planet. I know that it will come tho... I have FAITH that it will come. The mtc is fun. I'm making a lot of friends and meeting a lot of interesting people. Most of the talks that have been givin are one being the best you that you can be. And i know that all God wants from me is the best I can do. when i give him my best he will bless me and bless the people around me so that is what I'm striving for.
        I'm praying for the family. And i know you all are praying for me because i can feel the prayers. They are helping me so much. Thank you. I have lost 1 and a half lbs. it sucks not being about to work out. Tell kade that i will probably be smaller then him when i get home. I have seen a lot of my friends here and that has helped me alot just so we can share experiences and laugh about old times. My testimony has grown so much and i know that it will just keep growing.
     2 of the elders in my district are leaving on Monday so pretty soon my district will be down to only 5 elders. So i think that will help with learning Spanish a lot more. Tell Jeremy that i have seen Ryan a few times. He's a cool dude. I've met an elder from the movie "the district" i dont really like him. Whenever he is around all the sisters just swamp to him so it makes me feel unloved. Just kidding i dont know all the sisters flirting with me anyways.
   Its either rained or snowed up here on and off pretty much since we got here so its a little bit of a bummber cause we dont get to go out side as much.
   I'm out of time, sorry its not as long as it should have been but i would like to leave you with my testimony.... I know that
Elder Hardman Jesus Christ is my savior and because of him we are all able to feel the power and peace and love that the atonement has to offer. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and through the BoM we are able to know of our heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ. I know and have faith that i am going to Indiana for a reason and I'm going to work my hardest to be able to find that reason.
I know that the families of missionaries are blessed,
I love you all.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011; Week 1

MTC-Provo, UT

I have 9 minutes to write so it will be short. I had a hard time remembering my password and username. haha Its been like a year and a half since I made them...... if I end mid sentence its cause I had to send before the time ran out. hows kade and bryn and jess? I hope they are doing good. I'm praying for them. My comps name is elder mittlesteadt. is about 5'5 110lbs. super weird. Its hard to get along with him. but I love him and everyone in my district. Spanish is coming a long well but the thing I'm most happpy about is how much my testimony has grown since Ive been here. I love the spirit here. I love my teachers Hermano West and Hermana Garcia. i love the mtc. i love being on a mission. i love being a missionary. i love 4 sqaure. best game ever invented. The food here is pretty good but it messes up your insides really really bad. I went to the temple today and the spirit was so strong. The spirit aldready in the temple added on to the spirit that the missionaries have with them was almost to much. I ALMOST cried. The best part of going to the temple is going tot he cafateria after. Best food in the world. I love it. Sleeping is really hard. It takes me a long time to fall alseep. I know your wondering if I'm going through withdrawls for my phone. I am not, but I will tell you that I did have dreams the first 2 nights about it. Pretty funny. 3 elders in my zone are going to Spain and the other 5 are going to differnet missions in the states. its a bummber but o well. I have to go. 30 secs left. I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Families are blessed because of missionaries.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011; Day 1

Today Elder Hardman entered the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) to begin a two year mission, serving in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission-Spanish speaking.  He will be there for eight weeks, learning the language and gaining teaching skills to better help in his desire to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

His letters will be regularly posted here and we invite all to follow along and support him through prayers and letter writing.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011; The Call!!

The Call to Serve....... the Indiana Indianapolis Mission / Spanish Speaking!