Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011; Week 31

   What a good good good week.  i dont even know where to start.  it sounds like things are going super good for the family.    i love my mission more then ever.
   I dont know if i told you before but we set a date with hmo Figaroa finally and everyone here is just so excited.  its really cool that he did it. just the simple fact that he would set a date says a lot about what we did. he has been taught for 7 years and his wife has been less active for longer then that. so we worked with her like crazy and she is finally getting solid again.  this work is just awesome.  he has a son who is 6 years old and weighs about 130lbs.  while we were setting the date he was in the room trying to jump rope. hahahahahahaha oh my goodness. just picture a little fat kid that has no athletic ability at all trying to jump rope in the middle of a lesson. i could not stop laughing for the life of me. hahaha
    Me and my companion are seeing a lot of success in our area.  we are doing our best to change ourselves and be the missionaries god needs us to be and i think god is starting to trust us more with his children. we were able to get 5 more solid investigators this week which is really super cool because we have really been struggling finding new people.  but we are starting to get better at not letting them run away from us.  we have been told by at least two of the new ones that every one sees us and runs inside. super cool that everyone knows who we are.
    So this week we had a member who came and told us that she is having troubles with her son. he doesnt want anything to do with the church and stuff like that so she asked us to come over one night and talk to him.  so we did and he just reminded me of my self when i was young and dumb and didnt really like the church and didnt realize what my parents were doing for my.  so we just started talking and asked him if he's been reading and praying and he said he never has before and then we talked about a lot of other stuff.  the spirit is just so amazing because through the spirit i was able to discern what his real problem was with the church. he wouldnt tell us because his mom was right there. so then i just asked him " do you not want to be part of it because you feel like your parents are forcing you"  he said yes so then i just bore down on pure testimony and personal experience.  this kid really hit home with me.  since Ive matured a bit i have realized how dumb i was at home and how disrespectful i was to you and dad. but untill then, untill i was talking to this kid i never really realized why you did the things you did and why you always pushed us to be better. its because you LLOOVVEE us. thank you so much for what you do for me.  sorry for not realizing things while i was still at home. i talked to him again yesterday and he told me he has been reading. cool huh?
     So one day we were tracting and we walked into this apt building and we were there for about 5 minutes and in that time there was about 7 people who knocked on this one door and for an exchange of money this little old mexican lady would give the underage kids cigerets or beer.  it was super funny but supper bad at the same time.  i wanted to knock on the door to make her feel like a horrible person when we talked about Jesus Christ but my comp wouldnt let me.   oh another thing. we were doing service for a guy who is getting married/baptised next week and he brought out some soup for us and usually they make really good soup so i was excited to eat it. but it ended up being stomach of some animal.  it smelt like something died and it tasted even worse.  i took one bite and swallowed it and then i waited till he left. then i threw up and put all i could in a napkin and ran to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet.  haha easily the most horrible thing i have ever had in my life.  everytime i think about it i just get sick.  so he walks back out a little later and sees that we both look sick and he just starts laughing and said that he knew we werent going to like it.  haha rude huh?
    Well momma i have got to go. i love you and i hope all goes well for you and the family this week. please tell Kenny happy birthday for me.  and happy late birthday to you and dad as well. love you. the church is true. my testimony grows more and more everyday.

Elder Hardman

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