Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011; Week 33


     So its official, I'm leaving my birthing place. i got the call this morning that told me to pack up all my things.  so now ill be doing the same thing somewhere else. trying to fulfill my purpose and help others come unto Christ.  I'm excited to see what the lord has in store for me.  the family seems to be doing good.  Beth's baby and Harm's and Summer's babys are so big and look so different. they are super cute tho. its going to be weird having them be two when i get home and have probably 10 new babies (the way this family reproduces) when i get home. thats one thing i hate being about being out here is not being with the babies.  worth it tho!!!! so Christmas is coming up.... remind the kids and everyone that I'm in Indiana and not Mongolia and everything here isnt supper cheap so dont be expecting anything super cool. oh and you never told me who i have for Christmas?
   So pretty much ever cool thing that happens, happens on Monday night after preperation day and then i have to wait a whole week to tell you.  so last Monday. we had another run  in with some pretty satanic stuff that scared me to death. in fact i was so scared that i cried a little.  i have never been so scared in my entire life.  this story will have to be one that i share after my mission.  with this experience and the first one, it just goes to show how much power satan and his followers have ever people and how real his power is.  but, the priesthood is the power of god and nothing beats that. thank goodness for that.  i said a lot of prayers when i got back to the apartment that night. i didnt even sleep good for about 3 nights because of it. but all is well now.
    So i dont know if i told you, but we had a wedding this last Friday (few days ago) so that our investigator could get baptized.  well me and my comp decided to make them a wedding cake. so we took pretty much all of our break times to plan the 3 layer wedding cake.  we ended up making it out of ricecrispies with i nice chocolate glaze on top.  then we fancied some pillars out of..... well youll see the picture when i send it to you.  but pretty much it was the coolest thing in the world. No one believed that we did it without outside help from a women.  we were tryig to find a dora and diego toy to put on top but we couldnt find one so we found instead a mexican wrestler and some other brown girl toy and put it on top. hahahahaha i cant wait for you to see the pictures. youll be impressed i think. it was super racist of us kinda so i feel bad but the memory was worth it and they loved it.
    So going along with the wedding so that that guy could get baptised thing.  this guy was super super super catholic and his whole family is sooooo catholic.   and.... welll..... when he told him he was going to get married and baptised in our church everyone just flipped and it wasnt very pretty.  so one Friday, the wedding day, one 2 members of his family came and guess who wasnt there? his mother.  He ended up being an hour late because he was fighting trying to get her to come and she wouldnt so he finally just gave up on her.  well that made me so mad that she wouldnt support him.  it made me love my family more, because ALWAYS!!! no matter what happens, we support eachother. thats what families do for one another.  thank you mom for always being there for us even when you didnt agree with what we were doing. it means the world to me and I'm sure it means a lot to everyone else as well.
    This guy who got married is named Enelio. I've mentioned him a couple times i think. his testimony is the most solid thing in the entire world. yesterday at church they had him bare his testimony and he blew everyone away with how strong it was. then he called up his new bride and put his arm around her and said that he cant wait to follow the commandents of god with her.  then kissed her right on the mouth and said amen. haha it was so solid.  we went and taught him one last time this moring and he just made me so mad at him.  he said every answer that was perfect and then he even had the nerve to make us a deliscious omlet for breakfast.  haha he has only been a member of the church for one day and is already more solid then i am.
    I'm out of time... but someone this morning told me that i was gong to hell and that he hopes god will bless me. nice huh? haha got to love members of different churches.  oh and someone also told me that i sound like a mexican and kept asking me who taught me spanish because i sound like a mexican.  she didnt belive I've been teaching myself. well. time is up. i love you and the family and i am so happy with this opportunity i have to be on a mission. I'm gratefull for what I'm learning and the people I'm helping and for the people who are helping me. the church is true and the book of mormon is awesome.

Elder Hardman

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