Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011; Week 30


     As i pondered the things that i could tell you to help you feel at peace with your brothers death my mind kept going to the scripture D&C 18:10 "remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.  i have been thinking a lot about this scripture and a lot about Kirk and a lot about the tender mercies that god gives us when we are in need.  i think that this, as sad as it is for the family and how he died \, was a tender mercy for him.  he needed to get away from this life and his addiction so that he would be able to accept the gosple on the other side.  another thing i was thinking about a lot in respects to you and trying to help you feel better was the tender mercy of the lord that was given to me when Elder Evans came.  god knew that i was in need of something and he knew that the only person that was going to be able to help me was elder Evans and the things that he  was inspired to say to me that day.  if god is so aware of one missionary serving in Indiana. one missionary out of over 55000 that are serving in the world.  if he was aware of me and my struggles how much more aware is he  of that missionaries family and the things they are going through.  momma, kirks soul was worth something to god. he was worth something to Jesus Christ because Christ suffered for him and for his addictions and for his pains.  my soul is worth something and thats why he comforts me when i need it and your soul is great in the sight of god.  he isnt going to leave you and your family alone right now. he is with you and aware of you. sorry this is a week late. i hope you feel good tho.
     And Bryn,  oh my heck. what is going on with her. I'm sure this is the reason why i havent gotten an email from you. its ok i understand.  but whats gong on with her. i thought the medication was working for her?  please let me know whats going on with her. she is in my prayers and Summer and James are as well.  if something takes a bad turn will you please let me know?
      This week has been a good one for me.   we have a date with Figaroa.  it is in December. we set it so far a way because he wants to make sure that his wife keeps coming to church., she has been pretty good about it so we will see what happens in December. unless i stay in this area another transfer i wont be here for it.  i think I'm leaving tho.  i dont think anyone has ever stayed in their first area for 5 transfers. vamos a ver.  we are still working super hard with Hermana Marcos.  she told us that she wants to learn more about the bible and how it works with the Book of Mormon so that she can be more confident in talking to her husband because at this time he still wont give us the time of day.  Hermano Martinez or Enelio i think i called him the first time i talked about him is moving along super good. he is even starting to talk to his mom who is suppppppperrrr catholic and she is interested a little so we'll be teaching her pretty soon. 
     The lady that we gave a blessing to last Sunday is all good now. she doesnt have cancer and she is no longer sick. she had been sick for 2 years and 4 of her siblings have died from the cancer that the doctors thought she had.  oh my heck the priesthood is so amazing. what a blessing it is to be able to be worthy of the priesthood.  and just to make it clear and giving all the glory to god. but just like Ammon, i have joy for the miracles that god is able to perform through me and my comp.  everything else is still going good with our area. we are struggling super bad with finding people who are interested and actually want to learn and not just want to listen to the word of god for one day.  but we are working as hard as we can.
     We teach a lot of super super weird people. really funny. i wont tell you what faith they are of but this week almost every new people we taught were of a faith that repeat the prayers that are said. it shocked me the first couple times it happened because they just started repeating everything super loud.  ehhh i guess you would have to be there.  well I'm out of time.    love you momma and i hope that everything is going good with Bryn and with the family
i know that our lives are being watched over and that everything that happens has gods hand in it. this church is true.

Elder Hardman

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