Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011; Week 34

Fort Wayne~

Oh man what a week i just had.  well, like i told you last week, i was transfered and i am now in a city called Fort Wayne.  its super different. its still a good sized city but i was in culture shock for the first couple days of being here. not near as many black people and hispanics so its different. (just read your email. you already knew where i was going :P tell the family my address please)  But the hardest thing for my to get used to was not hearing sirens about 50 times a day. haha it makes me feel like the cops are doing thier jobs when i hear them. other then that i didnt have to adjust, i knew what needed to be done and i went to work.  i was doubled transfered into this area. the hardest thing i have ever done on my mission.  me and my comp dont know where anything is, we dont know the members or the investigators. every single night we have had to stay up till almost midnight trying to plan. its just so incredibly hard. but we have been given the opportunity to really rely on the spirit with everything that we have done and we have been so blessed for it.  being in an area for 6 months you just start relying on your own knowledge and just go to people who are close by or just work in areas that you know. well this time we have been going to people who the spirit told us to.  in turn, we have riding over 80 miles since Wednesday. been lost probably a dozen times had a few flat tires.  but got 5 new investigators. one guy we set a baptismal date with for the 10 of Dec. and he is working on that. we have just been so blessed. i cant even describe to you this experience I'm having.  its simply incredible.
   So Iindiana has the worst roads and side walks in the world.  last night i was riding on a side walk and looked behind me to talk to my comp (Elder Vellinga, he is a super solid missionary and we get along great. we have both grown so much this last week) and when i looked back forward my face ran right into a tree branch and cut it up and it hurt super bad. then not 2 minutes later and hit a pot hole and flipped right over my handle bars. for those of you who are wondering.... god does have a sense of humor. sometimes even at others expense. all is well tho. I'll give it to him for how much he has blessed us this week.  so we ate with these members a couple days ago. they are hispanic. and they have a million dollar home. oh my heck it was nice. haha who would have thought that the nicest home i would go to on my mission would be hispanic. something just came to me. for everyone who doesnt know missionaries, it would be so weird seeing 2 young men wearing nice suits riding down the street on bikes. hahaha funny.
     We had church yesterday.  to tell you the truth, the last couple days i was super worried about this area and having member support and what not because our second night we had a meeting with our branch mission leader and he told us not to expect much from the branch because they are getting sick of double tranfers (this area hasn't had one in a super long time so i have no idea what he was talking about)  and just said stuff like that. he doesnt like us.  but yesterday at church, it was amazing. everyone is soooo nice and welcomed us and just loved us.  i have never had so many nice people talk to me on my mission.  but after yesterday i feel so good about this branch/area.  yesterday we ate with some members who are guatamalens.  oh my goodness. i didnt know what i have been missing only eating mexican food my whole life. food from guatamala is sooooooo amazing.
    My time is up. sorry. just know everything is going amazing and I'm doing good. i finally figured out why it was so important for me to fight and serve a mission. deep down inside me i think i always knew that the salvation of many people would depend on my decision to serve a mission or not and i didnt want to do that to people.  it was really important to me to be able to help the people that i was supposed to help. and i feel like i am doing that. this gospel is true and the spirit is amazing. i love being here and i would never change it for anything.  can you send me my blanket please :) i miss it and i cant sleep at all here.

love you momma
Elder Hardman

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