Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monday, December 12, 2011; Week 39

Fort Wayne~
Hey Momma,

     I got the package today and i was bummed when i couldnt open anything so instead of waiting i decided to open it all anyways and it was just awesome. i liked it all a lot.  oh and about those peanut butter things... i do love them so much, but i cant eat them all before i get more so maybe start sending them every other package or something. thank you mom. i love you so much for taking care of me.  it sounds like every one is a little frustrated with me for not telling them what i want.  the thing really is is that i dont have a lot of room in my bags and we are only allowed 2 bags and a carry on. when missionaries start bringing more stuff it gets difficult to pack everything in the car when we get tranfered.  and i think I'm ok for winter stuff.  it makes me feel bad when people say I'm denying them of blessings by not telling them what i want or need.  i dont need anything. my family is taking good care of me. and god would never deny my family for not getting me worldly possessions when you are all giving me all the spiritual blessings i need.  all i need are spiritual things. and you are all doing your part in prayers and what not. so god will bless you for the things you are doing for me. even if its not sending me coats or money or anything.
    Anyways, the week was very good. oh, i have some bad news for you real fast. I emailed president last week and asked him about calling the other kids and he wrote me today and said that the purpose of calling is to talk to the parents and to let them know how things are going and if there are any other people there its just a bonus. so the answer is a no. i feel really bad. but maybe we can do a 3 way call or something. sorry mom.  And Quino and Court are part of the family so they are always welcome. What happened with them anyways? Its like they sent me a dear john without actually sending one haha. I just havent heard from them in a while. how are they? Anyways, i know that the news probably made you sad but it will be ok. 
     Things with Julio are very good.  He is really really solid. he went to a mexican bake shop (oh my heck, if you ever get a chance to go to one, do it!!!!! their bread and pastries are so good)  and he got us a whole bunch of stuff and gave it to us and said that he just wanted to do something for us because of how much we have done for him.   I dont know if I've told you yet, but the last i have heard is that thier marriage is doing a lot better and they are trying to work everything out. him and her and their 2 kids have come to church for the last 4 weeks and its a really big thing.  i talked to just her on Saturday and see is acting very very interested in being taught now.   So we are working hard with her and the kids. and with the example of Julio it shouldnt be hard at all.
   I was givin the opportunity to give Julio the Holy Ghost yesterday in church.  I cant even explain how amazing that was.  the spirit was so strong and so incredible. I wish i could explain it but its something that you just have to experience to understand.  I was pretty nervous through the week but it wasnt to bad. i only tried  to give him the gift of tongues once and only messed up on wordage a couple times. haha, I'm just so used to praying for the gift of tongues that sometimes it just slips out. everyone had a good laugh about it but as far as Julio is concerned, every one recieves the gift of tongues hahaha :)  it really was an amazing experience tho.   After sacrament we had another investigator that came up to us and told us that he is going to be next so we'll see what happenes with him.
    We ate with some members yesterday and they gave us some pork soup and it was.... ok.  there was tons of just fat pieces. And I had to eat it. its super rude not to eat everything. But after yesterday i decided that when i get home i am never eating straight fat again. i dont know how Jeremy did it.  But, to be nice.  I said "of man, i need a wife who can cook like this "there was a few other branch members and all at once they started trying to hook me up with  their illegal family members. haha super funny.
   Well I've got to go. love you mamma. oh and I was just joking. Didn't open any of the presents. and my comps mom is sending him stuff. He actually got a package today. thanks for everything. this church is amazing and i love serving the lord.

Elder Hardman

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